reconsidering blogs

this blog doesn’t make my life any better. the same goes for the heaps of news and other worthless info on the Web. let’s review the initial objectives @

#1 the first was that “things take overly long to finish”

the solution was to “actively find ways to do things the smarter, better way”

this blog doesn’t help with that solution, and much of the Web doesn’t provide the answer.

we’ll need to create other solutions:

-do _less_ things

-do _only_ important things

-don’t do things

#2 “many things are disintegrated and lacking harmony”

integrated _less_ things so the solution of “synchronize, standardize, and streamline what we are able to” will be easier but still time-consuming

other solutions:

-centralizes _everything_

-ignore the scattered information around the Web.

-books are worthless, get summaries, point by point

#3 overwhelming options

there are far to many options for “find the better choice, products like software, or services like mobile” to be efficient

better solution:

-ban stuff so you don’t need to choose

-_less_ stuff

-ignore stuff

#4 unnecessary burdens makes life difficult

best solution:

-ignore society

-ignore cultural rules

-ignore everything except what is directly needed, like food…

That works well. All problems solved.

This useless blog is dead.


follow the money has a relatively basic guide on data researching.

while it’s great to have a centralized place such as opensecrets – all this data for what exactly? what can you do with it? to spill gossip? to create noise? na, not interested. politics is flooded with “good” & “evil” agendas, and that’s the most we need to know. ignoring the political deception makes life easier which is the explicit agenda of 168sync, and thus we will ignore the noise.

to solve this problem of corruption, you need to fix the funmental cause – human nature.

5% APY 12-mths online CD @ wamu

if you haven’t heard yet, wamu has a [read title]. you hav a few more days till it expires.


over a year ago but still an amusing guideline. according to the anti-virus selling company, almost every site in the world is relatively dangerous. of course their test is not completely accurate and the fact that the test was done by the anti-virus selling company doesn’t increase objective data to any extent.

all in all, two simple solutions: 1) always be careful/alert of the sites you go to; 2) ignorance is bliss and likely more livable.

choices, for better or worse

the argument proposed is that the belief that increased choice -> increased freedom -> increased welfare is false. the psycho already held the assumption that defines “choice” as the quantity of options available, but not everyone holds this assumption, and thus the psycho (and people in general) could not even begin to argue a topic without first clearly defining key terms.

later he has the opinion that making decisions is a “burden,” while others admire their capacity to do so. what does saying it’s a burden have anything to do with the main argument? his talk was very confusing, disorganized, incoherent, and filled with irreverent comments.

the psycho admits that while some choice is better than none, more choice is not better than some choice, because of the following two negative effects of increased choices:
1) difficultly in making a choice because the person is overwhelmed by many choices, or simply not making a choice at all
2) dissatisfaction with result of choice due to regret, opportunity cost, and increased expectation.

so these two effects decrease freedom? it isn’t clear. the rambling person opinionates that people blame themselves if they are dissatisfied with many choices, and blame the world when there’s few choices, but this all depends on the individual and culture, so to make statements as if they were absolute truth would be misleading if not blatantly lying.

he makes the claim that “the secret to happiness is low expectations,” which is laughable, since it’s nothing more than a wild assertion, but then again – he is trying to sell a book – after all.

the minimalist kitchen concept

i’m the process and creating my own minimalist kitchen, since this concept definetly helps make life easier, and efficiently functional. what i like about my minimalist kitchen is that it actually is true to the objective of having only the essentials unlike other.. versions.. ..and i would post it but why? anyhow back to refining the ideal.

economical & healthy foods

It’s rare to find a page that has a list of economical yet healthy foods, and given it’s rareness, you’re saden by it’s imperfections on such a simple thing:–1 The intro is too long, making our reading that much harder, and the title is misleading as most items on the list aren’t typically under $1.

Oats: “a dollar will buy you more than a week’s worth of hearty breakfasts” – really now? then why don’t you link to this imaginary store of yours? Still, oats do cost less than most other foods.

Eggs: the price of eggs have been rising, so we can’t add this into our new and better list below.

Kale: “usually a dollar a bunch” – what’s that? $1 a lb? well, we’ll take your word on it.

Potatoes: we’re not sure how “dirt cheap” these are, but we do know that they’re not complex carbohydrates, not whole grain so thus will not be listed.

Apples: good item!

Nuts: not economical

Bananas: not the most nutrient-dense food, but good for its price at ~50 cents a lb

Garbanzo Beans: yep, beans are a good choice at 0.50 – $1 a lb

Broccoli: one of the most healthiest foods, though we’ll need to find out their typical cost prior to adding them to the list.

Watermelon: need to find typical cost

Wild Rice: brown rice works

Beets: need to find typical cost

Butternut Squash: “usually less than a dollar a pound” – need to verify that

Whole Grain Pasta: good choice!

Sardines: not one of the heather fishes, but it is cat food:

Spinach: “year round for less than a dollar” – need to verify that

Tofu: another good choice

Lowfat Milk: “but per serving, it’s still under a dollar” – why would you go per serving when servings are different quantities for different items which makes it a bad measure.. this is just stupid

Pumpkin Seeds: very bad choice, too high in saturated fat

Coffee: not a health food, jus a regular food


And there we have it, version 0.1 of the new and better list of economical & healthy foods (and it’s organized):


Whole Grain Pasta

Garbanzo Beans


can small & light make life easier?

The laptop said to be the world’s smallest and lightest at, and sure, compactness helps in mobility, but if it doesn’t have enough speed to do what you need to do, it won’t help make life easier. The cost also needs to be affordable. Since the laptop is out of the picture as an item that would help make life easier, how about the site gizmodo? Well, they didn’t even list the specs in an user-friendly manner.

firefox 3 review

Pros: a few new features; somewhat improved performance; does not support outdated OS versions such as Win 95, 98, and Me or Mac OS X.
Cons: degraded tab drag-drop function that now shows a transparency of the tab being moved.

Released early this month, I was hotly anticipating the new version albeit to much disappointment. The page zoom function is the single best improvement I saw though surprisingly as mentioned on, IE7 already had that. A review at says that it’s faster, but from experience Firefox 3’s is only a somewhat improved, and consumes insignificantly less memory. Other reviews can be found at,2817,2317300,00.asp,,,,, and

Organizing bookmarks hasn’t improved, though it has changed – it’s now call “Library.” Nothing else worth mentioning besides that it’s pretty much the same, though hopefully future extensions will improve the surfing experience.

best blogging software comparison

When you google, it’s like gambling – you typically can’t predict what the outcome(s) will be. Deciding on a blogging platform led to sites like, and, but actual comparisons was found on, and While the last one appears to be better done, if these comparisons had the capacity to filter each feature, it would be surely help make life easier; unfortunately all of these comparisons are outdated.

A shame really, so I rolled some lucky dices and here. we. are.